Robust, agile, fully remote, international software company

We design and develop mobile and web apps, complete SaaS platforms, software and hardware integrated solutions

International Consulting Ltd. was established in 2014, but full business operations started in 2016. At first, our company focused on accounting and tax advisory services. In meanwhile, we built expertise in the areas of M&A, business development, and operations and financial restructuring. Our team has valuable experience in implementing various KPI models in the restructuring processes.

As a response to our clients’ needs, we recently strengthened our team with experienced programmers and graphic designers. We aim to increase the digital intensity of our clients to help them reduce their expenses and make their businesses more efficient. The digital transformation of companies is one of the key drivers of competitiveness. We aspire to offer our clients high end financial and digital expertise, which builds our clients’ competences.

Mobile apps

We build native apps for iPhone and Android devices. We work hard to provide the best user experience by refining designs, tuning performance and keeping the code secure.

We developed mobile apps with real-time chats, maps with location sharing, audio calls, file and media sharing, custom block editors, tasks, notes, reminders, qr code scanner, threaded discussions with comments and replies.

Service Photo App is a recent app we developed that uses the camera to take multiple pictures, process them on the phone before uploading in a private cloud from where pictures can downloaded or shared with a secure link.

Web apps

We build responsive web apps, fast and highly optimised.

A great web app provides the performance of a native application, with realtime updates and collaboration, accessible from anywhere.


Software as a Service

We develop complete SaaS platforms with mobile and web apps, multi-tenant scalable microservices and software defined storage where clients can create and manage their own accounts.

Integrated solutions

We have built and maintained in production:

A mission critical system, running in a private corporate VPN with 500+ clients, 1000 human operators working simultaneously, handling a large number of financial transactions every day. Each client had an application running on a custom built linux machine having attached a touchscreen, a mobile barcode scanner, a thermal printer and a large display for presentation purposes. Clients were connected to multiple servers over a Cisco VPN and a remote read-only terminal was deployed to a state authority for live financial reporting purposes.

A solution for assets management where we used computers with barcode scanners, mobile phones and printers. A lottery results interactive presentation system with android devices connected to large TV displays.

Members of our team have various sets of skills, each member covering multiple roles – allowing a greater flexibility, interaction and collaboration, efficiency which leads to a high quality final product.